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  •  Are you an electrician?
  •  Are you a machinist?
  •  Are you a plumber?
  •  Are you an AC technician?
  •  Do you do window installations?
  •  Do you do roofing?
  •  Are you an auto repair shop?

​If you answer yes to any of the above, we're the best choice in the area for you! No matter what your profession, if you've got any sort of scrap metal, we'll offer you the best prices and the friendliest service in the area! 

We offer special pricing to contractors! Please don't forget to tell one of our warehouse staff to put you on our contractor list to ensure you get the most for what you bring in!!

As always, we are ready to answer any questions you may have! Give us a call: 540-825-0996.


Let Wise Services & Recycling be your go-to solution for your commercial and industrial needs! Whether you simply need a container for a single demo or a recurring pickup for your business, we have wide range of metal recycling services for commercial and industrial clients. Our industrial and commercial services aren't only for scrap metal: we offer pickup for industrial quantities of cardboard and newspaper as well! 

Please give us a call for more information! We'd love you have your business! 540-825-0996

Commercial and Industrial Services

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