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Scrap Vehicle Requirements 

There are a few things we need from you in order to accept your vehicle for scrap at our facility. Call us about our scrap vehicle pick up service! Let us come to you! 

  • If your vehicle is 10 years or newer, we will not accept your vehicle without a title. 
  • If you drive your vehicle into our facility, we will not accept your vehicle without a title.
  • If you bring in your (older than 10 years, non driveable vehicle) without a title you must fill out a VSA40- Vehicle Removal Certificate form for us from the DMV. (Don't worry, we can provide you with the form) We are legally required to submit this information to the DMV via their online processing service. The DMV charges us $20 per transaction, so we are obliged to charge a $20 DMV processing fee from the customer who brings scrap vehicle without a title to us for demolition. Should you wish to not fill out the VSA40 form for the DMV, you are free to visit the DMV and obtain an abandoned vehicle certificate for your scrap vehicle. 

Additional Information: 

  • If your vehicle has steel wheels, we charge $2 per tire if left on the vehicle. Aluminum wheels are no charge.
  •  We pay a price per 100 lbs for your vehicle based on what your vehicle weighs at our facility on our Virginia State Certified scales. We do not pay a set price per vehicle and we do not pay based on title weight. Please call to obtain our latest prices.
  • We categorize vehicles into two price categories: Complete and Incomplete. A complete vehicle has everything on it as if it were driveable, even if it is no longer driveable. This includes the battery, the radiator, catalytic converter etc. Any vehicle missing a major component will be classified as incomplete. Please contact us for our most updated pricing at 540-825-0996.​